Saturday, 29 June 2013

All Things Diabetes.

I'm currently back in Norwich where I'm basically having an "All Things Diabetes" week. It's also an "All Things Brownies" week too, now I think about it! They are definitely the two things that have dominated my last two days and will continue to dominate my life for the next week:

Yesterday (Friday) - Arrived in Norwich. Staying with a friend who's also type one. Surprised the Brownies by going back. Made leader in charge cry (something to cross off the bucket list!)
Today (Saturday) - Birthday lunch with friends who happen to have type one diabetes. It was a bit like diabetics reunited. Got caught up on some diabetes-related projects. 
Tomorrow (Sunday) - Brownie stuff: clearing out store cupboard and church hall followed by church parade and picnic.

Monday - Coffee with a friend from year abroad. Neither diabetes nor Brownie related!

Tuesday - Catch up with Brownie leaders.

Wednesday - Diabetes clinic. Just thinking about it feels me with dread!

Thursday - Out with same friends as I was today (Saturday).

Friday - Brownies.

Saturday - Greater Minds Inspire event: I'm very excited about this event. It's open for 10 to 21 year olds. You can find out more by clicking here, and you will also find details on how to register for the event (which is completely free!)

Busy, busy week! But I'm looking forward to it. Apart from clinic. I'd like to skip that part! Pretty certain we all would if we could, actually!

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