Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Pet Hates.

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Yesterday evening, I went out for dinner to celebrate my Granddad's birthday and, as lovely as it was, there were a couple of "incidents" that really got under my skin.

First off, we arrived at 6.15pm, and I checked my blood sugar - 4.5mmol/l - and then went a bought a small lemonade as I knew we wouldn't be ordering for a while and I didn't want to risk having a hypo. I'm standing at the bar, and my Mum asks what I'm getting and I tell her. Then, she starts talking really loudly about how I might hypo and I need sugar.

NO!!! I'm not okay with that. No big deal was needed in that situation. I wasn't hypo. I might not have even had a hypo. I was just being cautious as it was a big family dinner and I didn't want to be dealing with a low blood sugar whilst there if I could avoid it. The fuss my Mum made was not necessary at all. So I snapped at her telling her to stop! And this occurred 10 minutes after arriving!

Pet hate number 1: Making a big deal out of nothing. Check.

Pet hate number 2 happened after we'd ordered our meals. My Uncle asked me what I'd ordered, and so I told him "the pie and mash with seasonal vegetables." The response I got?!

"Vicki! You can't eat that! I can't believe you ordered that! You should know better!"

I looked at him confused. And then it clicked. Diabetes Police

"What do you mean I can't eat that?! I've got my insulin. As long as I adjust my insulin to cover the carbs, I'm good!"

But that response wasn't good enough, and he (pancreatically-fine) still thought it was necessary to lecture me (pancreatically-challenged) about my food choices and how it was really bad of me to choose that meal. 

Pet hate number 2: Being lectured about what I can and can't eat. Check.

Then, when dinner was served, I got my Carbs and Cals out so that I could work out carb content (I'm not confident enough yet to do it just by looking) and then he "scolded" me for carrying such a book! 

"You shouldn't be worrying about carbs and calories!" 

I did just tell him that have to adjust my insulin according to the amount of carbs I consume. I was so close to snapping, but then I remember it was a family meal and there were 20 or so other people there.

So, naturally, I did what any other person with diabetes would do.

I ordered a pudding as well!

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