Thursday, 13 June 2013

Sugar Logging.

(Sugar) logging - El Escorial.
On a diabetes-level, change is always followed by crappy sugar levels, whether it be a small change, such as visiting Mum and Dad having spent time in Norwich, or something a bit more extreme, like moving back to the UK having lived in Spain for five months! However, knowing this meant that I could prepare...sort of. Knowing it's going to happen means that I'm more on the ball when it comes to spotting patterns and adjusting insulin doses. 

This past week, I have logged my sugar levels almost obsessively! It's helped that I finally got test strips for my Accu-Chek Aviva Expert glucose meter, as it has a bolus advice function and even gives me an estimated "insulin on board" figure, which is so useful when it comes to deciding whether or not correction doses are needed! 

It's been a frustrating week: I'm putting in the work and not seeing the results (and we all know how frustrating that is!) I just want a run of good sugar levels, especially with my endo appointment coming up at the start of next month (I need something to help bring down that post year abroad 'a1c!) That, and it'd be quite nice to feel like a normal human being again, as crappy sugar levels make you feel...well...crap! I've coerced Mum into buying me some healthier foods, so here's hoping next week will be better!

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