Sunday, 16 June 2013

Locked Out!

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Last night, E.Hales and I had a girls' night in. With me being back and forth all the time because of uni, it's not often we get to sit down and have a proper catch up, so we took advantage of this. Doodle went to bed, we ordered in Indian food and out came the bottle of white that had been chilling in her fridge since I arrived (I brought the important things - alcohol and insulin!) We watched crappy tv, gossipped, caught up properly for the first time in, what, about 10 months?! I mean, we'd seen each other in between, but this was a proper, proper catch up. There's a difference!

What with eating Indian food, drinking wine and eating chocolate, it's safe to say there was some mad sugar-watching going on on my part...until, for some reason, when I went to switch my glucose meter on, the screen lit up with the picture of a padlock! I don't know how, or why, but I'd been locked out of my glucose meter! And, of course, I didn't have a clue how to unlock it! 

I tried turning it off and on again, I took the batteries out hoping that would fix it. Nothing. So, next, I'm browsing the internet on my Blackberry trying to find the solution and had no luck. Phoned home and asked Mum to see if she could find the instruction manual to the meter and tell me how to unlock it...again, no luck! I'm getting frustrated at this point - my glucose meter (particularly this Accu-Chek meter with all the fancy functions) is up there with my Blackberry and Ipod in the sense that I couldn't be without them, and the thought of having to ring up Accu-Chek for a new one and then wait for it to!

Ready to throw the meter at the wall at this point, E.Hales takes it from me, presses some buttons and she's unlocked it. Panic (on my part) over.

E.Hales, 1. Vicki, 0. 

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