Saturday, 1 June 2013

Happy June!

I am well and truly on countdown mode now, with it being less than a week until I return to the UK! I swear it was only yesterday I was writing about how I only had two weeks left! Now I literally have days! 

May was a good month! I finished classes, I finished exams, the weather's been lovely (most of the time), I saw my best friend, Nem, I also caught up with the girls on my course from was incredibly busy, but I loved every minute of it! Diabetes-wise, I had a swinging month: horrible highs to crashing lows, some due to my errors, others due to who-knows what. I've carried on logging...sort of...I input all sugar readings to get my average before posting this. Can't wait to get test strips for my Accu-Check where it tells you all your averages and stuff! My average for May was 8.1mmol/l, which, although up from last month, I'm happy with.

This coming Thursday (June 6th), I will be flying back to the UK, and my time as an Erasmus student will be over. I will miss this - living and studying abroad, new people, new cultures - but I am so excited about getting back to the UK for many reasons:
  1. Sunday roast! I haven't had a Sunday roast in sooooo long!
  2. Being back with my family (also something I'm not looking forward to - see below).
  3. Being back in the same town as my friends from home.
  4. Hanging with my godson, Doodle.
  5. Being in the same time zone as my friends from uni - we've been all over the place this year: USA, Canada, Hong Kong, France, Spain, England...
  6. Brownies - a year "off" of being Little Owl is long enough!
  7. Having access to my diabetes clinic - I never thought I'd say this, but I've missed it and the help and support it provides! 
And what I'm not looking forward to?
  1. Being back with my family - three months living under Mum and Dad's roof is a blessing and a curse. No rent, no bills, free food, home-cooked food. But after living away from home for three years now, it's hard to adjust.
  2. The diabetes changes it will inevitably bring. I'll need to "settle back in" again, adjust ratios, basal insulin etc etc. It's not gonna be fun! 
  3. The crappy weather!
The good definitely outweighs the bad! But managing diabetes after moving back does make me nervous. Diabetes and change never mix well with me! But I have five days before I have to really worry about that! And I plan on making the most of those five days I have left here in Spain! 

On that note, happy June and hasta luego!

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