Monday, 10 June 2013


Missing the Spanish life - Nem and I.
I love being home! I've been catching up with family, friends, I'm eagerly awaiting the return of two of my favourites (Nem and Shep), I have my entire wardrobe, and not just a suitcase...well, I have all of my things, actually! I'm slowly getting back in touch with the English culture, catching up on movies and updating my itunes with all the new artists and songs that I have missed. It's awesome!

What's not so great is Mum's kitchen. Every Mum's kitchen is always full to the brim with food, a lot of that food being treat-type things: biscuits, cakes, chocolate, sweets. Basically, a diabetic's worst nightmare. 

When I'm not at my Mum and Dad's, I'm in control of what I eat and what I buy at the supermarket. I weigh out all my food and I know exactly what I'm putting into my meals. As for shopping, I don't buy the treats: if they're not in the food cupboard, I'm not going to be tempted! Instead, if I'm meeting friends for coffee or we're going out for dinner, I will allow myself the treat of a cake with my coffee or a pudding after dinner. I have a bit of a sweet-tooth when it comes to biscuits and stuff, so it's better for me to just not buy it, and that's easy when I'm not living at Mum and Dad's as there's only me to think about. 

At Mum and Dad's however, there are four others in the house and then me. So they can't, and won't, stop buying the crap just because I ask them to. That's not how this works. Instead, I'm hoping that my willpower is strong enough to keep on turning down the treats. It's not been easy so far; it's like the cupboards are replenishing themselves. The treats stocked up in them seem to be never-ending!

It's safe to say my willpower will be tested over the coming months!

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