Tuesday, 25 June 2013


All packed up - Toulouse, 2012.
I usually hate packing. I hate unpacking too for that matter. If I could close my eyes, click my fingers and just move everything from one place to another without needing a suitcase, I would. I hate the logistics of fitting everything into one case, and I'm rubbish at deciding what's essential and what isn't. As far as I'm concerned, everything's essential! 

However, over the last ten months or so, I have learnt the art of being an efficient packer in order to fit all the crap I want to take with me in one case! When packing to leave Alcalá, I even managed to get my case below the allocated 23kg, which caused me to do a happy dance at 6am at the check-in desk! And when I travelled, I only ever took my little cabin-sized case, in which I would fit my clothes, shoes, toiletries, make up and all things diabetes, and diabetes alone takes up so much space!!

So, having only just recently unpacked all of my things, packing for a week in Norwich didn't phase me like it would have in the past. In fact, I think I actually enjoyed it! In one holdall-type bag I managed to get my clothes, sleepwear, underwear, toiletries, make up, spare pair of shoes, extra insulin, needles, test strips, some hypo treatments to keep me going for a few days, my Brownie uniform (finally going back to Brownies!!), and a couple of cardigans and my laptop and chargers for said laptop, mobile phone, kindle and ipod. And then the only extra thing I had to carry was my handbag with my purse, the aforementioned mobile, kindle and ipod, my diabetes bag and the standard hypo treatments I carry in my handbag.

See? Efficient!

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