Saturday, 22 June 2013

Old School.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I filled out a log book, until about 20 minutes ago! Having been graced with a blood sugar of 17.9mmol/l and feeling like crap, I decided to start copying my glucose readings into the aforementioned log book whilst waiting for my blood sugar to come down (which it hasn't and I'm now annoyed!)

Why, I hear you ask?!

Because on July 3rd I have my post-year abroad endo/dsn/health MOT appointment, but this time round I'm not seeing the endo I usually see. 

When it comes to sugar logs, my endo has only ever requested two weeks' worth down on paper prior to my appointment, and I've loved that system. I can work with that system. I don't want to be writing down every single number and insulin dose and correction dose. You get what I'm saying. Two weeks' worth is fair. In order for her to do her job, she needs something to work with. And I want to stay healthy, so I want to give her something to work with, without having to log obsessively. It's a win-win situation!

My DSN is happy to just take my meter and look through it herself, jotting things down on her little pad of paper, bless her. I just leave her to it. She always looks like she's in her element and having fun!

But, like I've said, I'm seeing someone new. And I don't know what they'll be expecting of me when I go in to see them. So, I'm being prepared. My meter saves all my sugar readings anyway, so should new endo (I don't even know whether this person is male or female!) wish to just browse through my meter, they can. If not, I managed to find a spare log book, and I've copied all blood readings and insulin doses into it. I've also done more than two weeks' worth. I've copied over everything since I got back from Spain, so it will be about a months' worth by the time my appointment actually comes round. 

I hate seeing new endos! 

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