Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Back In The Game.

El Escorial.
Just over a month ago, I had a particularly bad night-time hypo which caused me to lose trust in my body when it comes to hypo awareness at night. I often woke up in the middle of the night to check my blood sugar (didn't even need an alarm I was so paranoid!)  - once you've lost trust in your body, it's kind of hard to get it back. I mean, it's been five weeks!

However, after five weeks, I think I can say I've got it back! Last night, I had a low blood sugar at 3am, and I woke up. My body woke me up. I hate low blood sugar levels, but never have I been so glad for my body to wake me up because of one! That's all that was needed for me to get the trust in my body back.

For the last ten months, I've flown solo when it comes to my diabetes. Now I'm back at Mum and Dad's, I'm still flying solo. My parents don't know all that much when it comes to my diabetes - they just let me get on with it. It's my friends and housemates at uni that know their stuff. They transitioned and adapted with me, and have been there for the good, the bad and the ugly (even whilst I've been away - the powers of the internet!) But the aforementioned hypo really scared me. I was reminded just how important it is to stay in control (well, as in control as possible) when it comes to blood sugar levels, especially when there's no one around you that really understands what it is you have to live with.

Now, however, I feel like I'm back in the game! As much as I hated the hypo last night, all I was thinking was "my body woke me up!" and couldn't help but "celebrate" that little victory. Just wish this little victory occurred whilst I was still in Spain and not back in the UK, surrounded by people that at least have a semi-understanding of things! Typical! 

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